Instagram Followers Vs Pinterest Followers

Instagram Vs Pinterest for your business

Both of these options are Instagram and Pinterest.

We will discuss the four main points of interest for these two platforms, and see how Instagram and Pinterest relate. Therefore, hopefully working out which social platform would be most beneficial to promote your brand awareness.

Users of Pinterest
Pinterest is the fastest growing social media networks, currently weighing in with approximately 80 million regular  and active users. Also, Pinterest is unique in offering an audience that’s predominantly female at a majority of approximately 68PERCENT, with the largest gender difference of any other popular social media channel. Pinterest users also tend to be slightly older in general when compared to others.

In comparison, Instagram  instafollow has a phenomenal 200 plus million active and regular users, with approximately 45 million photos shared and ONE billion photos “liked” every day. Males and females are more evenly represented on the platform.

As far as user engagement and following, Instagram far outweighs the engagement rate of facebook and  Pinterest, possibly due to the fact that Instagram has over double the amount of active users. Additionally, Instagram’s user engagement has over 50 times the engagement rate of Facebook, as well as 20 times the engagement of Twitter, according to recent research.

However, as far as accessibility goes for both Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, Instagram does seem to be more difficult to access, as the platform is only currently available through the mobile phone application. Although Instagram makes it possible to view the site online on a computer, you are very limited in what you can do on the computer.

Content on Pinterest
The main difference is in the content you can generate onto your personal and business Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram instafollow accounts. Instagram promotes your original content, and encourages users to create photos that they can edit with filters and other photo altering tools on the free application. Whereas Pinterest allows users to curate other users’ content onto their own profiles as they wish, so long as they keep the sources.

Also, if you wanted to upload content onto Pinterest, they provide you with the choice to Pin from outside websites, via the URL, or upload from content on your own computer.

Linkbuilding on Instagram
Linkbuilding is far more easily utilised on Pinterest. When instafollow click on their images, it takes you to the website source.

Pinterest is one of the main social media channels that can create the most referrals and links directly to your website, and studies have shown that the network often generates more referrals than Twitter, for example.

On Instagram, the images aren’t able to have a link source to your website when you click on them, either on the phone application or the website. Also, if you add a link into the description, you’re only able to click on this on their phone application currently. What this means is that the channel doesn’t add to your business as far as link building.

Both Instagram and Pinterest are very popular photo-based platforms, with similar audiences that are interested in new,  attractive and original content. However, for people who believe that they are inherently similar, that is not entirely true, as there are clear differences between both of them.

Basically, it completely depends on your needs and requirements as a business, as to which one to choose. Or, in case you are still stuck with your decision – choose both of them!

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